Hardware Accessories

Compatible with BluCloud Gateways

What's Outside the Box :

Power On

Make your BluCloud deployments completely autonomous with our suite of compatible independent power sources. Internal batteries, external power banks, and solar panels available.

Just Right, Always

If your sensors and peripheral devices require extra power, we've got you covered with five different sizes of solar panels available.

Industrial Grade

BluCloud gateways are compatible with a large array of industrial sensors from popular and reputable sensor companies. We have a large inventory of libraries and interconnects that make integration simple. Reach out to see if we already have an interconnect, or to have our engineering team make a new one for free.

A Growing Family

If you have a sensing need that we do not already support, we'll find a compatible sensor and onboard it to our platform at no cost to you. Let us know how we can help.

Popular Compatible Accessories

... Pressure Depth Pressure Optical Camera
Temperature Salinity CO2 Conductivity VOCs
Moisture Humidity Turbidity Light Force
Methane Chlorine Vibration Duration Location
CO DO Noise Microphone ...

Remote Control

Our gateways can also control items such as servos, solenoids, and any other electromechanical device.
Accessories aren't just for access any more.

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