All-purpose mobile asset tracking at your fingertips.

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Track a Satellite Gateway

Want to track objects with complex sensing requirements in far away places? Our satellite-connected hardware devices support remote location tracking. Get in touch to learn more about sensing and tracking for applications with more demanding requirements.

Even Easier, Track a Smartphone

Start tracking your assets in seconds with our BluBeam Android application. Now, you can always stay one step ahead of all your moving pieces.

View Everything in One Place

View the location and status of all your assets in one simple and easy to use mapping utility. Accessible with your same BluBase login.

Global Coverage

We’re cellular and satellite experts. If you’re worried about global tracking, we’ve got you covered. Our network partners will keep you connected all over the world.

BluBeam Pricing

BluBeam tracking is accessed through a BluBase account, with plans starting at just $12 per year. Here's what else you'll need to get started:

$0 / download
BluBeam Android App

  • To track your fleet of Android smartphones, we'll set you up with the BluBeam app on each phone for free.

    The app will stream a phone's location so it can be viewed remotely in BluBase.

$3 / month
BluBeam Location Tracking, per device

  • Track and manage each satellite-connected device or BluBeam-connected smartphone for $3 per month.

    Location history is stored in BluBase for easy visualization.

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